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Venue and Travel


The site for the 22nd EPIA Conference is the “Sociedade Amor da Pátria”, a significant reference for its impact on the culture and society in Faial island. Originally a Masonic lodge established in 1859, its evolution and history are entangled with the history of not only the island but also the archipelago. For example, it was here that the Regional Parliament was established during its first four years (1976-1980). The current building was inaugurated in 1934, designed by Manuel Joaquim Norte Júnior, one of the most renowned Portuguese architects. The site provides a large entrance for registration, a bar/resting area, a large auditorium, a small auditorium and a winter garden.


The 22nd EPIA Conference will happen in the city of Horta, Faial Island, Azores. With a population of around fifteen thousand, Faial is the third most populous island in the archipelago. Its city, Horta, is a cosmopolitan centre with a very active harbour and marina to illustrate its centuries-old importance in the Northern Atlantic, serving as a way-point to trans-Atlantic traffic. Once an island with a population of over 35 thousand citizens, the decline of its relevance in trans-Atlantic traffic, allied with economic and societal shifts, and a major volcanic event with the eruption of the Capelinhos Volcano (1957), caused the island to lose over half of its population to emigration in a short amount of time. Economic and political changes since the 80s have revitalized the island’s economy and development. Faial is today a trendy destination for natural international tourism. It is also the home of the Institute of Marine Sciences – OKEANOS, an organic unit of the University of Azores highly renowned internationally for its scientific research in marine biology and ocean studies.
Accommodation. Faial has many options in terms of accommodation. Below you can find a curated list of options:
Travel. Horta Airport is directly connected to Lisbon Airport. Other routes via Ponta Delgada (São Miguel island) and Lajes (Terceira Island) are also possible, and these are directly connected to international airports in Europe and the United States. We estimate rates for two-way flights booked in mid-June to be approximately 300€ departing from Lisbon and Porto, 450€ from Berlin (Germany) and 800€ from New York (USA). Direct flights from Boston (USA) and Toronto (Canada) to the Azores are available.